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State-Required Information

The links in the State-Required Information Section contain the following information:

Comprehensive Financial Information
Local and State Revenue Sources
School District Balances (included on Monthly Financial Report)
School District Annual Budget
Salary Schedules For All District Employees
Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefit Data
Current Contract Information For All District Employees
Annual Budget of Elkins School District (actual expenditures and budget information)
ARRA Invoices
Minutes of Regular and Special Meetings of the School District Board of Directors
Monthly Expenses
Annual Statistical Report

School District Personnel Policies
District Personnel Policies

School Improvement Plans
Annual District Report Card
Parent Involvement Plan and Policy
Annual School Performance Report
Teacher Qualifications (HQT)
School Improvement Status
Parent Friendly Explanation of School Improvement Status
Office of Education Policy Resources
Uses of NSL Funding
Closing the Achievement Gap 2015


2017 Annual Report to the Public