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Get to Know Us

Department Phone Number (479) 643-2172 EXT. 5300

Technology Director: Debbie Kunz

Systems Administrator: Yancy Parker

Computer Technician:  Stephanie Eiland


The information and technology department provides services that support the instructional capacity and functional capacity of the district. The department provides support for the instructional and functional departments in the district. 
Devices utilized include procurement, receiving, inventory, preparation, and installation of computers, tablets, printers and audio/visual equipment. The department provides training in the use of these devices as well as support for these devices.
Information provided includes response to individual data requests from teachers and administrators to facilitate a model of inquiry and improvement throughout the instructional process as well as real-time data, data analysis and custom data delivery systems plus support and operation of commercial data delivery systems to teachers and administrators to facilitate a data-based decision making process model.