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What is the Elkins philosophy on Gifted and Talented Education?

    The Elkins School district is committed to educational excellence by providing for the individual student. Therefore, Elkins School District recognizes and supports each student in order for him/her to meet their full potential. The Gifted and Talented Program enables students who are capable and ready to learn at a higher level of complexity and depth of study. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide experiences whereby students are challenged and supported academically, socially, and emotionally to achieve their greatest potential.


What are the Arkansas state requirements for Gifted/Talented Education? 

      Arkansas Act 445 of the Quality Education Act includes the provision that all districts must provide a program for gifted and talented students. The Arkansas Department of Education program Approval Standards state that curriculum for the gifted must differ not only in degree but in kind. It "must be in place of rather than in addition to required classroom work. Students should not be penalized for being identified as gifted by being given extra work. Teachers should be sensitive to student interests and talents in planning activities.

What indicators may describe students needing program services?
The student may:

  • Be unusually curious and/or persistent
  • Have an unusually large vocabulary for age
  • Display long-term recall of much information
  • Demonstrate intense concentration
  • Learn to read on their own
  • Possess keen sense of humor
  • Show unusual independence for age
  • Be creative & imaginative beyond age mates
  • Tend to be a perfectionist
  • Sustain interest in one or more fields of knowledge over years
  • Have self-directed interests
  • Easily master intellectual skills
  • Be interested in and concerned about community/world problems.
  • Often be self-critical and overly sensitive
  • Continually question the status quo
  • Apply learning from one situation to another
  • Solve problems in a unique manner
  • Have different behavior style
  • Enjoy reading about a wide range of topics
  • Reason abstractly

How are students identified as gifted?

   Comprehensive procedures for referral, identification, and placement are appropriated to identify students in our district. There are multiple criteria utilized  for identifying gifted and talented students for services. Identification is a nondiscriminatory process based on developing case studies based on observations, assessments, interviews, biographical data, and student products. 

What are the program options for students who receive Gifted and Talented services?

      The third through eighth grade instructional model is a resource  program in which the curriculum is differentiated. Instruction is student-centered, involves student choices, and paced for the individual. It  emphasizes creativity and problem solving at a higher level of thinking. Mastery of a topic of study is not the only objective, but rather , in depth thinking and questioning, breadth and depth of activities, personal challenges and interpretation at higher a level of abstraction and complexity are the main objectives. Students are learning to manage time, interact with peers, and challenge themselves through these complex student centered learning experiences. 

  • College Board Advanced Placement courses are offered in English, math, science, social studies, and computer science  at the high school. In addition, the GT coordinator schedules meetings throughout the year to support students academically and effectively .